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An Overview of the AfricanMecca Safari Tiers For South Africa

The AfricanMecca Safari Tier system is based on a unique and independent assessment of each South Africa safari lodge or camp that evaluates several areas that have great influence on the quality of your adventurous African safari in Kruger, Sabi Sand Reserve, Madikwe, Addo Elephant, Hluhluwe Imfolozi, Kwandwe, Shamwari, iSimangaliso, Pilanesberg and more, making it either the dream vacation that you have always imagined or a seemingly endless dreadfulness if you choose not to follow our advice! The rating uses a collection of personal and experienced perspective to rank each experience accurately and objectively. The areas that are examined when choosing an accommodation for your South Africa safari, but not limited to are: strategic location, number of guests, size of the camp or lodge, service and food quality, access to wilderness areas, ecology and wildlife, safari experience, logistics, quality of safari guides and ease of access to wildlife corridors, as well as historical and cultural attractions and more. The ranking also takes into consideration the lodging’s overall comfort and design of the guest rooms, amenities, facilities, environmentally sound practices and collaboration with the local communities.

The AfricanMecca Safari Tier system uses three levels, with Safari Tier 1 offering the best in rustic luxury and premier boutique overall experience in both the safari and accommodation, Safari Tier 2 representing a good balance between quality and cost and Safari Tier 3 being the most affordable option that gives you a fair level of service and experience with very good wildlife access. Bush camps, lodges, tented camps and cottages are available in all three tiers.

*Specific to South Africa, some camps and lodges cater to few guests thus having fewer rooms and the safari transfer logistics are generally by air.
*Price guide is per day/person sharing a double or twin room. Single room supplements may apply for certain travel months and accommodations.
  • Camp Size*
  • Location
  • Wildlife
  • Guides
  • Activities
  • Service
  • Food
  • Logistics*
  • Quality
  • Eco-Feel
  • Privacy
  • Pricing (Off To Peak Season)*

Safari Tier 1


  • 4 to 12 Rooms
  • Excellent
  • Highest
  • Outstanding
  • Various
  • Finest
  • Sumptuous
  • Air
  • Upmarket
  • Authentic
  • Exclusive
  • From $750 to $1250+

Safari Tier 2


  • 12 to 30 Rooms
  • Very Good
  • Above Average
  • Superior
  • Standard
  • Applaudable
  • Appetizing
  • Road & Air
  • Mid-range
  • Rustic
  • Discerning
  • From $600 to $850+

Safari Tier 3


  • 30 to 100+ Rooms
  • Good
  • Moderate
  • Admirable
  • Minimal
  • Acceptable
  • Palatable
  • Road Mostly
  • Budget
  • Basic
  • Mass
  • From $450 to $600+


What are our Customers saying about our safari holidays?

  • On behalf of myself, my wife and my two adult daughters, I want to sincerely thank you and AfricanMecca Safaris for our fabulous recent safari. Everything you promised exceeded our expectations and was superb, which is saying a lot since this was our second trip, having had a wonderful Botswana Safari 10 years ago. Do not ever hesitate to use me as a reference.
    Robert Schenkein - prVision Photography Studio - Colorado, United States
  • Chobe was delightful, less than half full. Sussi and Chuma, very nice, again only 13 people in all. All the game drives and river cruises were excellent. We had great weather. The ability to get really close is in inspiring. EVERYWHERE we went, the people were warm, helpful and charming. Thank you so much. We will be recommending your services to all.
    Thomas Kelch - California, United States
  • Raza Visram at AfricanMecca planned the most amazing trip for my friend and I. I wanted to go to 4 countries in 15 days and he made it happen. It was an aggressive itinerary and Raza planned it so well, that the transitions were seamless. The last leg of the trip was Botswana for another Safari and we stayed at the most beautiful lodge. The excitement in seeing the animals so closely is indescribable.
    Karin Alsdorf - New Jersey, United States
  • I had a wonderful trip to Africa and I would highly recommend your company.I have been to Africa many times and I have never had such wonderful service. The guide and safari vehicle were both great and all the lodges were outstanding. We will be going to Africa again the year after next and I assure you I will be contacting you. Thanks again for arranging such a great trip.
    Ronald Price, President, Ron Price Motors Group - California, United States
  • Greetings to you and our most fervent thanks for a wonderful trip of Kenya, Zanzibar, South Africa & Victoria Falls. This was truly a perfect vacation. Thank you so much for all your arrangements. It was a trip filled with different kinds of adventures. We experienced and learned so much. Would highly recommend it to others who are interested in similar trips. Wishing you the very best.
    Adrienne & Barrie Carter - Canada
  • Thank you for everything; we had an amazing honeymoon. Words really can't describe our experience, all we can really say was that it was the most amazing experience of our lives and we would recommend AfricanMecca to anyone. We hope to visit Africa again sometime next year! Thank you & all of your staff for an amazing & perfect honeymoon.
    Rick Sagoo - London, United Kingdom

Safari Tier 1 Experiences

At the upmarket, high ended level of the ranking is the Safari Tier 1 luxury and boutique accommodations such as Singita Boulders Lodge, Leopard Hills Lodge, Great Fish River Lodge, Madikwe Hills, Phinda Vlei Lodge, Royal Malewane etc. where you are treated to impeccable service, immaculate elegant guest rooms, superb food, the best safari guides and exclusive locations with maximum flora, fauna and other ecological experiences. The accommodations are situated in the finest of wilderness areas, tactical wildlife corridors, authentic local villages and historical sites, so the game viewing experiences are maximized, and the guides retained are incredibly knowledgeable and the most experienced by the very nature of travelers that get hosted at the accommodation, eager to enlighten you about the area’s ecosystem, native peoples and ancient traditions, and their skill at tracking, spotting and locating the animals means that you are able to view many of Africa’s most beautiful fauna. The small number of guests at Tier 1 accommodations means that you are able to plan your safari activities to meet your personal preferences and schedule, and the options are extensive, including game drives in custom 4x4 vehicles with private options, day excursions to historical sites, walking safaris and cultural visits to authentic local villages. You also enjoy modern conveniences and luxury, personalized service and freshly prepared sumptuous meals throughout your stay. These intimate boutique accommodations are also managed in a way to minimize the environmental impact and preserve the natural beauty of Africa. When you stay at a Tier 1 accommodation, you simply have no other worry in the world than to enjoy each day of your dream vacation in Africa!

Safari Tier 2 Experiences

The Deluxe mid-range level - Safari Tier 2 accommodations such as Motswari Lodge, MalaMala, Madikwe Safari Lodge, Phinda Mountain Lodge, Melton Manor etc. offer very good to excellent locations, wildlife experiences, guest room amenities and food with a notch down from the top tier, and some will have a less flexible African tour activity experiences than you would with a Tier 1 accommodation. You may be with a more number of guests at these lodges and camps, as well as during your game drives and other safari activities and the locations are not as exclusive as Tier 1’s, but you still have access to the national parks and many lesser-known wilderness areas for discerning experiences. Safari Tier 2 accommodations are generally more charming and also authentic than luxurious, and guest rooms are large, well furnished and private, and your mouthwatering meals are served in a relaxed and friendly environment, with most dining areas offering spectacular views of the landscape. Service quality is personable, but you may need to request additional services and attention as needed. Your guides have excellent knowledge and very good experience of the flora and fauna and take you to the superlative ecologies for maximal viewing.

Safari Tier 3 Experiences

The most economical choice in the AfricanMecca Safari Tier system is Tier 3 such as Elephant Plains, Kapama River Lodge, Savanna Camp, Madikwe River Lodge, Hluhluwe River Lodge etc. that includes budget-friendly accommodations based on economies of scale should your priority be wildlife experiences rather than the aesthetics, amenities and services at your lodge or camp. These value choices are typically located near high-traffic tourist areas and the volume of guests’ means that you receive little personalized service and the palatable meals are generally prepared in large quantities and served buffet-style, although some distinct Tier 3 accommodations, depending on the specific country, have variable, personalized menus and also host few in-camp guests. Safari guides have good to very good knowledge and experience, and you can expect to follow a rigid schedule of activities joined by many other guests from the accommodation.


Request South Africa Custom Or Tailor-Made Safari Vacation Pricing Based On Your Specific Travel Dates At Your Preferred Safari Tier Lodge Or Camp


How AfricanMecca’s Safari Tier Ranking Helps You Make the Best Choice

Don’t leave your once-in-a-lifetime South Africa holiday in Africa to chance by relying on the feedback left by other guests or even hyped information on a lodging website as this is normally a one-time experience of a single guest experience rather than a wholesome experience and contrast of the destination e.g. comparison of over 25 to 50 or more accommodations in a single destination. The problem with these sources is that the information can be based on emotion and marketing, both of which may mislead you about the quality of an accommodation. You want to feel confident about your choice, especially considering that you invest significant time and money into your much-anticipated AfricanMecca travel. In contrast, the tier rating system that is used by AfricanMecca Safaris is based on an objective assessment that is conducted during annual visits to the accommodations, parks in varied countries in Africa.

Imagine traveling to Africa only to find that your accommodation and related safari services is a huge disappointment. By considering the AfricanMecca Safari Tier rating first, though, you can feel confident that your chosen and recommended accommodation will exceed your expectations in the quality of the service, food, lodging, location, safari game viewing and overall experience made from a comparative insight. You can rest assured that you are being given the best overview based on professional and accurate insight, rather than being swayed by a marketing strategy or one time experience of a guest review. Should you be traveling on a limited budget, the AfricanMecca Safari Tier system allows you to find the best accommodation that offers a clean, safe place to rest and refresh yourself in between your exciting AfricanMecca tour activities. The rating also assures you that your terrestrial, aquatic and avian wildlife and ecological experiences will be very memorable.

Another common practice that is avoided with the AfricanMecca Safari Tier system is what is known as “mirage itinerary.” The pricing structures of these itineraries are based upon ratings that consider accommodations from both the higher and lower tiers to present you with an average cost and then camouflaged as a luxury safari. Instead, the AfricanMecca Safari Tier system allows you to upgrade your tier preference, thus ensuring your complete satisfaction with the accommodation after your review of our recommendation. AfricanMecca Safaris adds value to your travel experience by providing you with the highest level of personalized service to give you the African wilderness experience of your dreams. You choose your Safari Tier experience and accommodation based on your personal preferences, as well as your individual priorities, whether they are a traditional tented camp with elegant design in the most exclusive location or simpler, homely accommodations that are convenient to the most popular safari destinations. The best part is that we leave these decisions in your hands rather than promising something other than what you receive once you are in country.

If you traveled with us before, you will already know this but if you are first time travelers intending to use our services, the professional guidance and expertise you receive from AfricanMecca Safaris is unmatched in the industry as we believe in giving you an exceptional African adventure you seek, no matter how large or small your budget. The range of accommodations that are offered in each tier means that you will not only feel comfortable with the cost of the safari experience, but you will also feel comfortable with the ambiance of your chosen accommodation, whether you desire sophistication within the wilderness or a place to kick off your boots and put your feet up. We take into consideration every aspect of your travel in Africa and listen carefully to how you describe your perfect experience, whether it be an up-close-and-personal experience with the big cats or diverse game, sipping champagne as you pause over the vast African plains or savor every exciting moment of a lion kill in one of Africa’s most pristine wilderness areas. Once we understand your vision and goals, we then provide professional guidance and advice as to how you can fulfill your every wish and we also make the necessary arrangements so you needn’t worry about organizing logistics in-country.

Start your African journey today by contacting your local AfricanMecca Safaris representative. We look forward to having your experience Africa through our eyes.


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